Family Stuff

Here @ Nicole's School of Dance we are a small business so we are family.
We get to know you & yours and you get to know mine.
About the Owner/Choreographer:
My name is Nicole A. Stein. I started dance when I was 5 years old & I
haven't stopped. I knew early on that I had a passion for dance & knew
that I wanted to teach it. My dream was to have my own studio, in my
home with my family. My dream has come true!

I danced at various studios in the area, trying out & earning a spot on
their dance teams. I started teaching in my Mom's garage at the age of
14, taught at the Calumet Club & a little bit at the old YMCA.

I took classes at UMA with the focus on business. I attended & continue
to attend dance trips, conferences & workshops throughout New
England.  I've organized and participated in many Talent Shows for
schools, festivals & clubs. I've won dance contests, earned trophies &
have been recognized by former Senator Mitchell. I am a member of the
Maine Dance Teachers Association.

I opened my first studio in Augusta in 2003. I worked a full time job
during the day, a part time job on the week-ends & taught dance in the
evenings for the first few years. I know what it is to work hard in pursuit
of your dream.

As my studio grew so did my personal life. I got married to a wonderful
man then pregnant with our son. In 2008 we built a new home along
with a new bigger and better studio right where we are now in
Manchester. In May of 2016 our family grew. We now have a girl too.

It's my personality & dance experience that makes me great at what I do.
I understand that life is busy & that for many families, their life doesn't
revolve around just dance. I feel that letting your child dance shouldn't
cost a fortune, nor does everything have to be a competition. I love kids,
I love really is that simple.
Why choose Nicole's School of Dance?

~Affordable classes & costumes.

~Small classes for personalized attention.
(12 max)

~ Every student dances in the front row at
one point of the dance.

~Classes are once a week so kids have
time for homework, other sports & family

~Discount for 3 or more siblings signed up.

~Options to do only 1 class for less serious
dancers or up to 4-7 classes for more
serious dancers for ages 7+.   (6-7 classes
is new so it’s yet to be tested, ask for details)

~4 Optional dance workshops a year
available for ages 9+.

~2 Optional parades to dance in for 6th
grade & up.

~Only 1 dance recital,  making it extra
special & taking up less of your week-end.

~No competitions to do so no fund-raising  
or stress.

~I’m very organized, energetic & have a
family orientated studio!

~Parent Portal access & on-line Registration!
Our advertising picture! Showing all ages from 3 to adult, girls & boys.
Dance Assistant:
Katrina Booth, Dance Assistant: Katrina comes to us with 10 years dance experience
right here at Nicole’s School of Dance. She has taken Tap, Jazz/Hip-Hop &            
Ballet/Lyrical. She is in her 11th year taking the adult class. She has been a             
back-stage helper at our recitals for years. She has helped with other aspects of
dance, including decorating, but in a volunteer “behind the scenes” capacity. Last
season we made things official & she happily is back this season. She has worked in
multiple early childhood education classrooms from toddlers up through 1st graders
before switching her degree to High Schoolers.

She is sweet, kindhearted, loves kids & many have seen her around the studio. She
used to babysit for us & she dog & house sits for us as well. She will be helping me
in the Tuesday classes for ages 3, 4 & 5 and in the Wednesday A & B classes for
ages 6-9. This will give me the opportunity to answer quick questions from parents
between classes without wasting precious class time. This will also let me give more
personalized attention & help individual students with dance details &
She graduated from Thomas College in 2020 earning her degree in Secondary
Education for English. She always made Presidents List every semester & she was
Valedictorian. She will also be working full time as one of the Winthrop High School
English teachers. She is getting married in October 2021.                            
Welcome Miss Katrina!
Dance Assistant:
Meagan Ladner, Dance Assistant Substitute: Meagan comes to us with 11 years
dance experience right here at Nicole’s School of Dance. She has taken Tap,
Jazz/Hip-Hop & Ballet/Lyrical. Being in her 12th year, she continues to take the
High School classes. She is a back-stage volunteer at our recitals & has helped at
our Open Houses for the last few years. I'm sure students have seen her around.
Last season we made things official & she happily is back this season. She will be
filling in whenever Miss Katrina cannot.

She is soft spoken, smart & quick to learn. She is a perfectionist & things are done
the right way the first time. She plays Varsity Field Hockey at school to whom have
won many Championships. She is currently a Junior at Gardiner Area High School.
Welcome Miss Meagan!