Family Stuff

Here @ Nicole's School of Dance we are a small business so we are family.
We get to know you & yours and you get to know mine.
About the Owner/Choreographer:
My name is Nicole A. Stein. I started dance when I was 5 years old & I
haven't stopped. I knew early on that I had a passion for dance & knew
that I wanted to teach it. My dream was to have my own studio, in my
home with my family. My dream has come true!

I danced at various studios in the area, trying out & earning a spot on
their dance teams. I started teaching in my Mom's garage at the age of
14, taught at the Calumet Club & a little bit at the old YMCA.

I took classes at UMA with the focus on business. I attended & continue
to attend dance trips, conferences & workshops throughout New
England.  I've organized and participated in many Talent Shows for
schools, festivals & clubs. I've won dance contests, earned trophies &
have been recognized by former Senator Mitchell. I am a member of the
Maine Dance Teachers Association.

I opened my first studio in Augusta in 2003. I worked a full time job
during the day, a part time job on the week-ends & taught dance in the
evenings for the first few years. I know what it is to work hard in pursuit
of your dream.

As my studio grew so did my personal life. I got married to a wonderful
man then pregnant with our son. In 2008 we built a new home along
with a new bigger and better studio right where we are now in
Manchester. In May of 2016 our family grew. We now have a baby girl!

It's my personality & dance experience that makes me great at what I do.
I understand that life is busy & that for many families, their life doesn't
revolve around just dance. I feel that letting your child dance shouldn't
cost a fortune, nor does everything have to be a competition. I love kids,
I love really is that simple.
Why choose Nicole's School of Dance?

~Affordable classes & costumes.

~Small classes for personalized attention.
(12 max)

~ Every student dances in the front row at
one point of the dance.

~Classes are once a week so kids have
time for homework, other sports & family

~Discount for 3 or more siblings signed up.

~Options to do only 1 class for less serious
dancers or up to 4-7 classes for more
serious dancers for ages 7+.   (6-7 classes
is new so it’s yet to be tested, ask for details)

~4 Optional dance workshops a year
available for ages 9+.

~2 Optional parades to dance in for 6th
grade & up.

~Only 1 dance recital,  making it extra
special & taking up less of your week-end.

~No competitions to do so no fund-raising  
or stress.

~I’m very organized, energetic & have a
family orientated studio!

NEW 2018! Parent Portal.
Our advertising picture! Showing all ages from 3 to adult, girls & boys.
Dance Assistant:

NEW exciting news at Nicole’s School of Dance!
Let’s welcome, for the first time ever, our new staff member!

Alexis Baker; Lexie comes to us with 10 years dance experience right here at
Nicole’s School of Dance. She has taken Tap, Jazz/Hip-Hop & Ballet/Lyrical. She
has attended numerous dance workshops with me. She has been a back-stage
helper at our recitals for the last 4 years. She’s helped with other aspects of
dance also but in a volunteer “behind the scenes” capacity. This makes it official.
She’s outgoing, friendly, loves kids & most of them already know her or have
seen her around. She will be helping me in the Tuesday classes for ages 3 & 5
and in the Wednesday classes for ages 6-8. This will give me the opportunity to
answer quick questions from parents between classes without wasting precious
class time. This will also let me give more personalized attention & help
individual students with dance details & techniques.
She is currently attending KVCC in Fairfield & works at Maine General in the
Kitchen/Cafeteria department. Welcome Miss Lexie!