There are NO cancellations at this time.

You can also listen to:
92 Moose
B 98.5
Oldies 104.3
watch channel 6, 8 or 13
to find out.

As other options: you may e-mail me, receive an e-mail from me (if you
are on my e-mail list) or call the studio answering machine for updates
623-2449. I usually text the JRH/HS girls too!

It will also be on the following
web sites:
WCSH6 Storm Center
WMTW 8 Storm Center (sign up for e-mail or text alerts!)
WGME 13 Storm Center
on the studio web site and Nicole's School of Dance Facebook page
of course!

The decision of classes being cancelled or not will be made after 2:00pm.
 I don't always go with the school system.

Thank you!
~Miss Nicole