Please Note:

Pictures taken of the dancers in the dance studio will be used at any time or place per Miss Nicole's
discretion for business/ad purposes & website. To help protect the students, no individual pictures will
be taken & no names are used.
Age Deadline:

You must be 3 years of age by October 15th and be potty trained in order to sign up for dance classes.
You must be 6 years of age by October 15th in order to sign up for Jazz dance classes.
You must be 9 years of age by October 15th in order to sign up for Jazz/Hip-Hop classes.
You must be in 5th grade & per
my recommendation in order to sign up for the Grand Opening Number.
NEW!: Extra class is for ages 7-8 & 9 year olds who are not in the Grand Opening Number.

**This is only a guide I go buy. I also place students by ability, attention & commitment.**
Dance Shoes:

Dance shoes can be purchased through me. There are no stores around that you can get real dance shoes. You must make an
appointment unless you are confident you know what size you need for your child. They do not run the same as regular shoes.
                             (To find me & at check out use Teacher Code:

Tan buckle taps for girls, black taps for boys, black lace up jazz for all, white ballet for girls, black ballet for boys and black jig
shoes are preferred. JRH & HS Taps are lace up not buckle like the younger students.
Registration Fee

There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee for all new students. If you/your
child performed in the May 2017 dance recital you will
not have to pay the $25
registration fee. This needs to be paid in full at the time of registration before I make up
the schedule in order to secure the spot.
Please send a check made to Nicole Stein with the registration form.
Payment Options & Helpful Payment Info:

~Monthly (must be first or second week of the month)
~You can choose to get it all out of the way and pay for the whole 17/18 dance season in September!
How much would it be, you ask??
(Please call for more info)

Cash, Check or on-line with Popmoney options.

**A non-refundable costume payment of $25 per costume must be made by November 1st. This will help customers
budget for when the balance is due in January. It also gives your child 2 months to try dance without spending more
money. Since each class works so hard together, once the costume deposit is given I expect a commitment.

We are into our 15th year of business already! We are in our
tenth year here in Manchester. The bigger improved dance studio
looks great! We opened here September 2008 and things are going
well. We are always working to add new things & making things
better for YOU the customer!
The location is at 116 Meadowhill Rd in Manchester.
Directions to new studio
High School perk: You'll get your own purple
"cubbie" to keep your shoes & stuff in for the season!
Waiting Room- In Sept 2016 we got brand new
chairs, tables & created a higher table area for siblings
to do homework or parents to work at!
Miscellaneous Info:

While waiting for your dancer in a comfortable clean waiting room with brand new chairs & tables, you can
chat with others, watch TV (HD & more channels for Sept 2017!), read our magazines or play with your
other children with our toys, you can also get on-line! Yes, bring in your laptops, shop, check your e-mail,
"check-in" at Nicole's School of Dance on Facebook, whatever! We also have a large safe front & back yard
for siblings to play. All I ask is that no one play on the play set or go in pool area for insurance reasons.
Thank you.
Discount Dance Supply
Hours of Operation: September-April                                          Summer Hours: May-August
Monday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls                                         *Studio itself closes for summer unless I have a
           3:30pm-7pm Studio Open                                                                special class going on.
Tuesday:  8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls                                       *Contact me anytime for information.
             4:30pm-6:30pm Studio Open                                                
 *August Open House/Registration Day
Wednesday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls                                      
                 2:30pm-7pm Studio Open       
Thursday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls
             2:30pm-7:30pm Studio Open
Friday-Sunday: Closed