~Proper dance attire must be worn to dance class. Leotards w/tights are the best, spandex/spanks/biker
shorts, leggings, yoga pants or athletic pants and tank tops are fine. No sweat shirts or sweat pants. No
jeans or jeggings. Your child will sit to watch their class if not in proper attire.

~Proper shoes must be worn. Tan Tap for girls, Black Tap for boys, Black lace up Jazz for all, White Ballet
for girls (JRH/HS do not need these), Black Ballet for boys & Black Jig shoes. This includes Line Dancing,
Couples, Hula Hooping & Drumming classes. No black rubber soles. Please bring a  different pair to change
into from the ones you arrive in or socks.

~Please have your child in their shoes before the class starts. It will be greatly appreciated.

~Please have all or half hair tied up somehow so it's not in their face & distracting them.

~When in class please leave things in waiting area. Not in a chair please so others can sit.

~No students will be allowed in the studio until I am. Please keep studio door closed.

~No gum chewing or hard candy. No water in studio for kids under 12.

~Please keep jewelry to a minimum or none at all. They will be taken away then given back after class if
your child is playing with them-this includes if they are playing with their skirt.

~Do not send your child into the classroom crying. If they are crying uncontrollably they will be sent out of
the room.

~If you or your child will not be attending class please call, e-mail, text or FB to let me know. I will not
have class if only 1-3 students show up.

~If you or your child misses a class you will still be charged for that class unless I cancel it or unless it is a
holiday/school vacation.

~If your child/children are not in the class that I am teaching, please do not leave them outside or in the
waiting room with no supervision.

~Please do not play on the swing set or pool area out back (for insurance reasons).

~Please keep the method of paying either
weekly or in the beginning of each month (meaning first
or second week of the month).
$5 bi-weekly late fees will be applied if payments are not caught up by
the end of each month.

~Students with an account that is more them 2 months behind will not be permitted to attend class until
account is brought current.

~Any bounced checks are charged a $20 fee.

~There is a non-refundable $25 registration fee for new students only that needs to be paid in full at the
time of registration to secure their spot.

~A non-refundable costume payment of $25
per costume must be made by November 1st. This will help  
customers budget for when the balance is due in January.

~Once costume deposits are made, I expect each student is committed to their class & classmates. We all
work hard together so it's important we are all committed.

~Please do not throw cigarette butts outside on the ground.

~Please utilize the driveway. Most likely everyone in the
same class are leaving at the same time.
Please feel free to call me with any questions.
Thank you!
Miss Nicole
Nicole's School of Dance
We strive to have a laid back, fun atmosphere so students can throughly enjoy the art
of dance classes but below are important policies to follow.