Dance Recital 2006 "Dance Magic"
Note: Some students were missing on picture day.
3 Year Old Tap "I can Do That"
4 Year Old Ballet "I Hope You Dance"
HS Jazz "Lose Control" Grand Finale
5 Year Old Tap "Magic Celebration"
9-11 Year Old Tap "Magic Freeway"
6-8 Year Old Jazz "Dancing In The Streets"
Adult Tap "Magic Strut"
Couples "Waltz Magic"
Private Jazz "Everybody Dance Now"
Private Jazz "Hat Magic"
4 Year Old Tap "Locomotion Dance"
3 Year Old Ballet "Puff The Magic Dragon"
6-8 Year Old Tap "Heart Magic"
5 Year Old Ballet " The Dance"
Adult Jazz "Into the Grove"
9-12 Year Old Jazz "Pump It Up"
HS Ballet "Turn Around"
HS Tap "Sometimes You Gotta Dance"
Miss Nicole