Dance Recital 2007 "When I Grow UP"
Miss Nicole- 5 months pregnant!
"Couple's Future"
5 Year Old Tap-"Working 9 to 5"
4 Year Old Ballet-"Can't Take That Away"
HS Jig-"I Wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart"
6-8 Year Old Jazz-"The Photographers"
Adult Jazz-"She Works Hard For Her Money"
HS Ballet-"Ups and Downs"
4 Year Old Tap-"Working at the Concession"
3 Year Old Ballet-"My Saving Grace is Dancing"
9-12 Year Old Jazz-"Doctors & Nurses"
5 Year Old Ballet-"I Believe in my Future"
6-8 Year Old Ballet-"Smiling All Day"
6-8 Year Old Tap-"Taking Car of Business"
Adult Tap-"Sea Cruise Attendants"
HS Jazz-Grand Finale:
"Detectives, FBI Agents & Spies"
Note: Some students were missing on picture day.
3 Year Old Tap-"Working on the Railroad"
Private Jazz-"Working at the Car Wash"