Dance Recital 2009 "School Days"
Note: Some students were missing on picture day.
Miss Nicole
8-10 Year Old Jazz/HH-"School is Out!"
3-5 Year Old Tap-"ABC"
3-5 Year Old Ballet-"Making Friends"
6-8 Year Old Tap-"Be True to your School"
HS Tap-"1+1=2"
3-5 Year Old Ballet-"First Day of School"
3-5 Year Old Tap-"Wheels on the Bus"
Jr. High Jazz/HH-"Sports: Bring it on!"
6-8 Year Old Jazz-"I Don't Wanna Go to School!"
HS Ballet-"Will You Remember Me?"
6-8 Year Old Ballet-"Dear Diary"
Mixed Age Ballet-"High School Heart"
HS Jazz/HH-Grand Finale:"When I Grow Up"