Dance Recital 2010 "The 70's"
Miss Nicole
5 y.o. Ballet "The Rose"
3 y.o. Tap "Joy to the World"
4 y.o. Ballet "Bridge Over Troubles Waters"
6-8 y.o. Ballet "You Are So Beautiful"
6-8 y.o. Jazz "Jungle Boogie"
Jr. High Jazz/HH "Disco Inferno"
HS Tap "Clap Clap"
3 y.o. Ballet "If You Don't Know Me By Now"
9-11 y.o. Tap "Stuck In the Middle with You"
5 y.o. Tap "September"
4 y.o. Tap "Boogie Shoes"
6-8 y.o. Ballet "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
6-8 y.o. Tap "Funkytown"
HS Jazz/HH Grand Finale "Stayin' Alive"
9-11 y.o. Jazz/HH "Shake Your Groove Thing"
6-8- y.o. Jazz "Shake Your Booty"
9-11 y.o. Ballet "Reunited"
6-8 y.o. Tap "Boogie Nights"
HS Ballet "You Look Wonderful Tonight"