Dance Recital 2011 "True Colors"
Note: Some students were missing on picture day.
Miss Nicole
3 y.o. Tap "Yellow Submarine"
4 y.o. Tap "Brown Eyes"
5 y.o. Ballet "Colors"
6-8 y.o. Tap "Purple People Eater"
9-11 y.o. Jazz/HH-A "What's Your Favorite Color?"
HS Tap "Devil in a Blue Dress"
6-8 y.o. Jazz "Pink Cadillac"
9-11 y.o. Ballet "Lady in Red"
3 y.o. Ballet "Good Bye Yellow Brick Road"
4 y.o. Ballet "Rainbow Connection"
5 y.o. Tap "White Lightening"
9-11 y.o. Tap "Green Door/Green Eggs & Ham"
HS Ballet "True Colors"
Jr. High Jazz/HH "Blue"
9-11 y.o. Jazz/HH-B "Black or White"
6-8 y.o. Ballet "Colors of the Wind"
HS Jazz/HH Grand Finale "Black"