Dance Recital 2012 "Disney"
Note: Some students were missing
on picture day.
HS Jazz/HH Grand Finale "Cheetah Girls"
Adult Jazz/HH "Cheetah Strut"
6-8 y.o. Tap "Little Mermaid"
JRH Ballet "Mulan"
HS Tap "Hey Mickey!"
9-11 y.o. Jazz/HH "Happy Feet"
9-11 y.o. Ballet "Aladdin"
6-8 y.o. Jazz "Shrek"
5 y.o. Tap "Jungle Book"
4 y.o. Ballet "Lady and the Tramp"
HS Ballet "Lion King"
3 y.o. Tap "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs"
JRH Jazz/HH "High School, It's Now or Never"
9-11 y.o. Tap "Toy Story"
6-8 y.o. Jazz "Ice Cream w/Hannah Montana"
5 y.o. Ballet "Tinker Bell"
4 y.o. Tap "Cars"
3 y.o. Ballet "Cinderella"
Miss Nicole
6-8 y.o. Ballet "Beauty & the Beast"
6-8 y.o. Tap "Finding Nemo"