**If we need to make up a class or if the class wants/needs 1 more practice,
I will schedule one during April vacation, the last week before the dance recital or both.**

Sunday August 15th, 2021:
Registration Day for ALL Students!!
Open House/Shoe Appointments from 9-1pm
CALL ME - 623-2449 (Space is limited)
Only 12 students per class taken
First come first serve
$25 registration fee for new students only (cash or check)
Registration Deadline is September 1st.
Classes start the week of the 13th, 2021.
Hours of Operation: September-April             Summer Hours: May-August
Monday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls                                        *Studio itself closes for summer unless I have a
  4:30pm-6:45pm Studio Open                                                                special class going on.
Tuesday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls                                       *Contact me anytime for information.
   3:30pm-7:00pm Studio Open                                                       
*August 15th, 2021 Open House/Registration Day
Wednesday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls                                        9am-1pm @ Studio
    3:45pm-7:15pm Studio Open       
Thursday: 8:30am-2pm for e-mails/phone calls
    2:30pm-7:30pm Studio Open
Friday-Sunday: Closed